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GOAB Switch / Isolator Drop Out Fuse L.T. & H.T. Porcelain
Epoxy Insulators
FRP Operating /
Discharging Rod
Earthing Materials Cable Jointing Kit Overhead Line Materials & hardware Safty Product


Testing Facilities :
  1. High Voltage Breakdown Transformers
    - Dry Power frequency high Voltage test up to 110 kv
  2. Current Injection Kit
    - For Temperature rise test up to 1600 Amp. A.C.
  3. Digital Coating Thickness Meter
  4. Mechanical Enduranse Testing Set
  5. High Voltage Mesurement Spheargap
  6. Meger, Clipon Meter & Earth Tester
Transmission Line Material and Substation Equipment, AB Switches, DO Fuse, HG Fuse, Disconecting Switch, Isolators, Single Phase Switch, Porcelain & Polymer Insulators, Overhead Line Hardware, Lightening Arrestor, Fuse Elements, Operating Rod, Dischargeing Rod, G.I. Shackle Straps, Bolts, Spindle, Clamps & disc fittings, GI Pin, Stayset, Staywire, GI Earthwire, Turn-buckle, Earthing Material, Earthing Electrodes, Rubber handgloves, Rubber matting, AAAC & ACSR Conductor, P.G.Clamp, Sleeves, Connectors, Danger board, Cable jointing Kit, AB Cables Accessories, Clamps & Connectors, H.T. Tape Roll, Epoxy insulators etc.
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